Plan your school visits!

Museum of Illusions Madrid is the most innovative space in the field of interactive entertainment where education and fun go together. The space has the ideal atmosphere to inspire, explore and investigate and thus make your students future scientists.

Museum of Illusions Madrid is optimal for the primary and secondary cycle since the different optical illusions are linked to some of the contents that student study in natural sciences such as parts of the human body (brain and the sense of sight), at the same time they will understand how mirrors and light work. Physics and chemistry are also linked in our museum with some concepts of art such as perspective. Since one of the objectives of the Physics and Chemistry course is to achieve observation and experimentation, the visit could be interpreted as if it were a practical case. In addition, the museum has a place for some scientists such as Ames or Einstein.

The visit is an introduction to the world of optical illusions, and we would love to welcome you to our museum for your school visits.

To capture what has been explained with images, check out our video below and you will be able to experience the Museum of Illusions Madrid.


  • We consider a group from 11 people
  • Must be booked 14 days in advance
  • Group visits are made from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, excluding holiday periods (except summer)
  • We recommend the group visit for people over 6 years old


To guarantee your reservation, you must consider the following information:

  • 50% – non-refundable deposit at the time of booking
  • Final payment: at the time of the visit at our ticket office, we do not accept subsequent payments


    Estimated response time: 24-48 hours – business days.