Plan your group visits!

If your group has a minimum of 11 people, request your reservation here!

From kindergarten groups to pensioner groups, Museum of Illusions Madrid is a place that welcomes and entertains all ages. Come with a group of at least eleven people and find out why your eyes see things that your brain cannot understand.

Plan ahead to get the desired dates. Go for the unexpected and find out what awaits you in the world of illusions.

Information on group visits to the Museum of Illusions Madrid:

  • We consider a group of 11 or more people.
  • Must be booked 14 days in advance.
  • Group visits take place on weekdays when the museum is operating, thus excluding weekends, holidays, and school vacation periods (except summer).
  • Admission for minors between 0 and 3 years old is free. These entries do not count toward the required minimum of 11 people.
  • We recommend the group visit for people over 6 years old.


To guarantee your reservation, you must consider the following payment information:

  • 50% – non-refundable deposit at the time of receiving the reservation confirmation.
  • Final payment: at the time of the visit at our ticket office, we do not accept subsequent payments


    Estimated response time: 24-48 hours – business days.